Starting X on a second monitor - kludge that works

Alexander Gottwald
Mon Dec 6 15:57:00 GMT 2004

On Mon, 6 Dec 2004, Thomas Chadwick wrote:

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> >-screen 800x600@2 which means a window of size 800x600 on monitor 2
> Seems to me it's logical if the behavior is such that "-screen 0 $W $H" 
> opens on the primary monitor, while "-screen 1 $W $H" opens on the secondary 
> monitor.  X-clients with DISPLAY=:0.0 will open on the primary monitor while 
> X-clients with DISPLAY=:0.1 will open on the secondary monitor.  Isn't that 
> how X behaves on dual-headed *nix machines?

No. What a X11 screen is is defined nowhere. With the xorg and xfree server it's
another vga card. Cygwin/X does not depend on hardware. So a screen is just another
canvas to draw to. You could start Xwin with two separate windows which are both
screens. Or like I do a windowed screen for the remote desktop and a second 
screen running in multiwindow mode which covers both monitors and where I can 
show other X11 windows. 

Separating the virtual desktop into screens again brings us to the same point 
where Xinerama is used on xorg/xfree to glue the screens together

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