Starting X on a second monitor - kludge that works

Mark Fisher
Mon Dec 6 10:54:00 GMT 2004

my only query now is how do I programaticaly find out
the offset of my second monitor, as I have it slightly
raised from the primary, as opposed to simply placed side
by side.


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Done as an extension to the -screen option.  Just tack on an X
and Y position after width and height (witn -geometry format or
just space-delimited) and you're set.

ex: make an 800x600 window and move it to the 2nd monitor
   XWin.exe -screen 0 800 600 1024 0
   XWin.exe -screen 0 800x600+1024+0

You can still specify just a width and height, so no changes to
current scripts needed:
   XWin.exe -screen 0 800 600
   XWin.exe -screen 0 800x600

At 04:52 PM 12/4/2004 +0100, Alexander Gottwald wrote:
>We'll have to see how this fits with the old -screen n WxH option.

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