OpenGL acceleration

Alexander Gottwald
Thu Dec 2 19:42:00 GMT 2004

David Lawler wrote:

> Hello - Is there any kind of time frame for a release of Cygwin/X that will
> support hardware accelerated OpenGL not just in the -multiwindow mode?

Sorry. There is no timeframe yet. And I'm not sure if it is possible either.
We'd have to work out the whole window stacking since the opengl drawing
is always above the X11 window and is not partly obscured by windows which
are in front of the opengl window in X11. There is also a problem with
device context creation which prevent creating a translated drawing surface
for opengl. And one can not reset the pixelformat for a window more than once.
These are all problems which are easily solved in multiwindow mode because we
have a real window for each X11 window.

But It should be possible to start the xserver with two screens. One windowed
and one in multiwindow mode and let the opengl window display on the second

DISPLAY=:0.1 glxgears.

This will create a single window for glxgears.

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