Xfce for cygwin

Mark Fisher mark.fisher@practiv.com
Thu Dec 2 14:04:00 GMT 2004

Hi Maarten,

I've mailed you separately, but just to say I wasn't aware of
a commited fix in cvs to xfce, I took some patches from
and applied/fixed them to get it working.
took 3 days to do, and some sleepless nights, so I wish
I had known of your work!

Ralgh has made a really good script for compiling/installing/
rebuilding each part of xfce to make it easily redistributable.

btw, why do you need startup-notification? I don't have
that installed, but I'm up and running (with the xffm/panel
caveats etc)


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David Fraser wrote:
> Mark Fisher wrote:
>> I've just ported xfce4.2 to cygwin, and start it like this:
> Fantastic! Are the patches included in the CVS, are their any particular 
> build instructions?
> I'm on the xfce dev list but I didn't see anything about this ...

The patches are in CVS (I was the one who committed them), and there are 
specific built instructions.

You need to get libdbh and libstartup-notification yourself, and I'm 
using the attached script to build XFCE. Haven't tried this in some time 
though due to work load, so I can't guarantee everything still works 
out-of-the-box. And oh yeah, you need a very recent version of libtool.

As I just wrote to Mark:

"Anyways, you do know that there is a couple of things that do not work 
in XFCE for cygwin, right? For one, panel plugins are not fully 
functional (just try to change the icon size in the panel and see what 
happens). Also, xffm doesn't work, neither is xfprint (I've never really 
tried this though), and xfce4-mixer.

The problem with the panel plugins and xffm is that XFCE is coded such 
that the plugins must access variables in the loading program, and 
MS-Windows (and therefore cygwin) doesn't allow this. I've had some 
discussion with Jasper from the XFCE team about this, and we were 
thinking of a complete rewrite of the XFCE plugin system. However, this 
will have to wait until the 4.2 release, and I'm completely swamped in 
work at the moment..."


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