Xfce for cygwin

David Fraser davidf@sjsoft.com
Thu Dec 2 08:23:00 GMT 2004

Maarten Boekhold wrote:

> David Fraser wrote:
>> Mark Fisher wrote:
>>> I've just ported xfce4.2 to cygwin, and start it like this:
>> Fantastic! Are the patches included in the CVS, are their any 
>> particular build instructions?
>> I'm on the xfce dev list but I didn't see anything about this ...
> The patches are in CVS (I was the one who committed them), and there 
> are specific built instructions.
> You need to get libdbh and libstartup-notification yourself, and I'm 
> using the attached script to build XFCE. Haven't tried this in some 
> time though due to work load, so I can't guarantee everything still 
> works out-of-the-box. And oh yeah, you need a very recent version of 
> libtool.
> As I just wrote to Mark:
> "Anyways, you do know that there is a couple of things that do not 
> work in XFCE for cygwin, right? For one, panel plugins are not fully 
> functional (just try to change the icon size in the panel and see what 
> happens). Also, xffm doesn't work, neither is xfprint (I've never 
> really tried this though), and xfce4-mixer.
> The problem with the panel plugins and xffm is that XFCE is coded such 
> that the plugins must access variables in the loading program, and 
> MS-Windows (and therefore cygwin) doesn't allow this. I've had some 
> discussion with Jasper from the XFCE team about this, and we were 
> thinking of a complete rewrite of the XFCE plugin system. However, 
> this will have to wait until the 4.2 release, and I'm completely 
> swamped in work at the moment..."
> Maarten 

Fantastic, thanks Maarten


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