Internal-wm/rootless observations

Kensuke Matsuzaki
Wed Dec 1 14:01:00 GMT 2004

> After many days of debugging the internalwm code i finally found
> the actual problem. 
> The rootless code wants the pixmap buffer aligned to 32bit boundaries.
> If the window width is odd and the xserver is run in 16bpp mode then
> this is no guaranteed and this leads the strange errors.
> Internalwm is only usable in 32bit mode.

I can reproduce the problem when I change 16bit mode. Usually I use
32bit mode, so I couldn't.

> This is not an actual problem. The goal should be anyway to work 
> with 32 bit visuals only and have real transparancy. I'm still 
> searching for a clean method to blit 32 bit bitmaps to 16 bit ones.
> The simple aproach of allocating the bitmap with

Could you give me diff? I want to try that.
I think we have no reason to use winshadgdi.c in mwextwm mode and some
code in winshadgdi.c don't match mwextwm. I have to write winshadrootless?

Thanks in advance.
Kensuke Matsuzaki

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