Remote Desktop, MultiWindow & Cursors

Wilks, Dan
Fri Apr 30 02:31:00 GMT 2004

Looks like the newer versions of XWin are having cursor problems when
coming out of remote desktop (XP Pro).  After a remote desktop session
the cursor completely disappears in the X window client area.

Here's what I'm seeing:

- Run a cygwin bash shell
- XWin -multiwindow -clipboard
- Run xterm on a Linux box w/ PuTTY tunneling X.
- Move the cursor around the xterm.  Nice I-Beam.
- Go to another machine, remote desktop in.
- xterm is still active app but cursor is now outside the xterm 
  window over the windows desktop but with X's X cursor.
- Move cursor around.  It remains the X cursor wherever you
  move it.  Verify.
- Activate a Windows app (IE) and then back to xterm.  Cursor
  returns to I-Beam and proper behavior.
- Shut down remote desktop.  Return to tty.
- Now when the mouse moves over any X window it completely

Also, at this point, copying anything will completely crash XWin.  I'm in
process of looking into it.  My debug build of current sources doesn't
exhibit this behavior.  I'll try a non-debug build next.  Hey, is there a 
safe, automated, way to do a full, clean build of just Xserver?


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