mysql command line client hangs in cygwin xterm

Richard Piper
Wed Apr 28 15:38:00 GMT 2004

On looking into this, it seems that mysql including its client is 
compiled with cygwin. It is an old version, and this may explain the 

I will look into this further, when I get a chance to download the 
"beta" version of mysql, which I assume is compiled against a more 
recent version of the cygwin.dll.


On Wed, Apr 28, 2004 at 10:47:59AM +1000, Richard Piper wrote:
 >The problem seems to be well described in the general cygwin mailing
 >list.  As yet I have not seen a solution.

Yeah, that was an interesting email.  It was nice to see that someone
agreed with my assessment of the problem.  It is always a relief to hear
that I do know what I'm talking about from people who don't quite know
what they are talking about.

As I mentioned, the easiest solution is to always use cygwin built
programs if you want to run a program on a cygwin pty.

The logic that there had to be a solution to this problem because it
affects so many programs did escape me, though.  I'd be very happy to
see someone find a way to fool programs into thinking they are running
on a console when they are using a cygwin pty but the fact that it is a
serious problem doesn't mean that there is automatically going to be a
solution to the problem.

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