mysql command line client hangs in cygwin xterm

Richard Piper
Wed Apr 28 03:01:00 GMT 2004

Thanks Cary,

The problem seems to be well described in the general cygwin mailing
list. As yet I have not seen a solution.


"Richard Piper" <rpiper <at>> wrote in message
> This seems to hang in the cygwin xterm. Has anyone seen this problem?
> Seems to work normally in the xterm on other systems and at the NT
> command line.
> thanks
> Richard

I've seen other applications work in a command shell but not rxvt.  I
assume you're having the same problem with xterm.  Basically, the output
isn't getting flushed out so you can't see it, but whatever you type is
still accepted as input.

Sorry, don't know of any way to fix it, other than sticking with cmd.exe.
Maybe you can have an alias that will pop-up a regular cygwin window (in a
command shell) for when you want to use mysql, and you can stick to xterm
for the rest of your stuff.

Note that this problem is a problem with cygwin and not anything in
cygwin/x specifically.  That's why rxvt has the same problem, whether you
run it in native windows mode or X mode.  So, if you want more information
on it, I suggest asking in the regular cygwin mailing list.

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