Windows titles, root window and xterm

Alexander Gottwald
Tue Apr 27 20:10:00 GMT 2004

On Tue, 27 Apr 2004, Darryl Scott wrote:

> Hi!
> Two /three points :
> Point 1 : Opposite behaviour in Window titles defaulting to Cygwin/X X
> A similar point to  this has been raised before, in March 2004, in a remote 
> context. I do not believe that it was ever answered fully.
> I have just installed Cygwin on a 100% clean W2000 machine and have 
> opposite behaviour to that found on W2003 with the same version (8/4/04 N.B 
> dd/mm/yy not USA format) of Cygwin. Any explanations? Clearly on W2000 it 
> wants the clipboard started, what ever that entails.  My point is that 
> opposite behaviour occurs on W2003, I just want to understand why.

What do you mean with opposite behaviour?

Maybe you have installed older XFree86 packages aside/instead of the xorg

> Below are the XWin command lines and the differences found in the W2000 log 
> files.
> There are no fails in the common part of the log files.
> StartXwin.bat
> This version displays executable titles from the X-app bulletins as 
> required. In W2003 it is the opposite.
> XWin -multiwindow -emulate3buttons -nowinkill
> This version produces Cygwin/X X as the bulletin titles. In W2003 it is the 
> opposite.
> XWin -multiwindow -clipboard -emulate3buttons -nowinkill

I can not reproduce this. tested with xterm an win2k abnd it displayed the
string xterm in the title in both cases.
> Point 2/3 : "the root window"
> What is the name of the *rc file that controls this root window? Currently 
> it is a seemingly useless frozen blob without mouse control and 
> unpopulated. So I would like to  either use it or loose it.

It is hardcoded. You can not change this via .rc file.

> The other menu items controlled via .XWinrc are OK except that the 
> application elements have an instance of a xterm that was used to open the 
> application. While this xterm dies after the application dies it would be 
> good to lose it earlier.
> e.g. XWinrc menu commands :
> xterm -fg ** -bg **                       // using .bashrc
> and
> xterm -fg  ** -bg ** -e /usr/bin/tcshrc      // using .tcshrc and other 
> shells and scripts
> etc.
> I have successfully "lost" this xterm when running applications within 
> Cygwin but have not manage to do this when using Cygwin as the X-server for 
> "foreign" applications.

The clarify: You want to close the xterm while a program started from it is 
  still running? 

Maybe the program requires the console for output. Have you tried Control-D to 
exit the xterm?


BTW: Your messages are a pain to read. A lot of text with few information hiding
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