Color support added to HW accelerated cursor

Earle F. Philhower III
Tue Apr 27 15:47:00 GMT 2004


At 10:12 AM 4/27/2004 +0200, Alexander wrote:
> > Have you got any idea what could be going on here?  That's a perfectly fine
> > workaround you've put in to catch when the OS call silently fails, but I
> > can't imagine what the root cause would be...
>I'll check the MSDN Knowledge base. I bet it is documented there.

Don't worry, I figured it out.  You need a compatible bitmap on pre-XP
systems, which isn't exactly what I was doing by hand in the code.
The fixed code is much shorter now, and has none of the complicated cases
for different bit depths (seems to work even on W95 w/8bpp mode now)...

FWIW I didn't see any documents saying that it was necessary to use a
compatible bitmap in the SDK docs, but all the samples were using one
by default (they were making icons from portions of on-screen windows,
so it's obviously compatible from that source!)

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