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Ernesto Merritt
Tue Apr 27 09:17:00 GMT 2004

The Wave Watcher Report

Our Recient Picks GDLS +600 percent in 3 days and BOCX +500 percent

Listen to the Rumor on The Street....

===== >>>>>>    V I S H     V I S H

*  New Laws force shorters to cover.
*  Investigation shows VISH is short 1/3 of the entire float.
*  BUYOUT offers rumored on the street for 3x current trading price

Alert - This St0ck Set To Take 0ff This Week

Our Recent Picks GDLS +600 percent in 3 days and BOCX +500 percent

98% of our st0ck picks double in 30 days

Viastar Holdings Inc
(VISH) O T C  - B B
               Forecast  Pr0fit  Pr0fit %
Current Price  $0.36     At Close Apr 20
15 Days        $0.55     $0.19    152%
30 Days        $0.92     $0.56    255%

H U G E News Coming Soon

Watch the spike as the Shorters start to cover

• ViaStar Media Signs Flamenco Sensation "Mosaico" to ViaStar's Quadra Records Label
Wed, Apr 14 - PrimeZone Media Network
• ViaStar Media Corporation Names William T. Walker, Jr. to its Board of Directors
Mon, Apr 12 - PrimeZone Media Network
• ViaStar Signs on Bond Capital Management For Corporate Finance and Business Development
Mon, Apr 5 - PrimeZone Media Network
• ViaStar Launches `ViaStar Artist Management Group' With the Addition of Music Industry Veteran Michael Sikkas as

Senior V.P.

About Viastar

The company has existing music, film, distribution and production capabilities, a current roster of prominent

artists, publishing interest worldwide and seasoned industry executives. These facts, coupled with our well

established international distribution division, gives Viastar the marketing muscle and enhanced gross

profitability of a major, while retaining the flexibility, creative freedom and economies of scale of an

independent. By owning its distribution pipeline, Viastar has direct control over the flow of its products to

20,000 plus retail outlets, thus our gross margins are effectively double that of a traditional content provider;

and we are not at the mercy of outside distribution to receive payment for our products. As a result, Viastar is a

"major independent" in the entertainment industry, recreating the studio system that made Hollywood profitable and

powerful. What distinguishes Viastar from its competition is its possession and control of the "complete pipeline"

enabling it to produce and place its intellectual property on the shelves of retailers worldwide and thus in the

hands of millions of consumers.

Like Industry Leaders Sony, Universal, and Warner Bros., Viastar boasts a powerful in-house arsenal that includes

an aggressive product development division for music, film and television; an international distribution network

of major retail chains, servicing more than 20,000 retail locations worldwide; a complete state-of-the-art

marketing & promotions department; and a carefully hand-picked management team possessing unrivaled talent and

industry visibility who maximize every extension of our efforts

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