Color support added to HW accelerated cursor

Earle F. Philhower III
Mon Apr 26 09:37:00 GMT 2004


At 07:28 PM 4/25/2004 -0400, Lev S Bishop wrote:
>Well, emacs compiles under cygwin, but the version distributed with cygwin
>doesn't use render. But I know for a fact that the version I'm using right
>now (on a remote machine) does use ARGB cursors so there must be
>compile-time options to tell emacs to use them.

Thanks, I couldn't get things to compile cleanly for me w/emacs, but I
did get a ssh into a linux machine w/apps like Mozilla and emacs that do
support ARGB cursors.  The change has been put into CVS, the only caveat is
that I can't do any 24bpp testing (8-, 16-, and 32-bpp all checked and
working, but only 32bpp has the true color/alpha support obviously)...

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