xterm-186 build bustage

Thomas Dickey dickey@his.com
Sun Apr 25 23:28:00 GMT 2004

On Sun, 25 Apr 2004, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

> (you actually need both sets of quotes so that the inner double quotes get
> propagated to gcc -- same goes for your proposed changes above, and,
> possibly, for the true clause of the #if statement in the above
> Imakefile).  If it helps, I can submit a proper patch instead.

actually I spent a couple of hours on that yesterday and modified the
configure script so it would work around that particular type of quoting
issue.  Right now I'm making some additional changes so I can run the
configure script against an X build tree (having gotten at the same time a
report that indicates I have to refine the freetype configure checks). I
might get done with that today; when I do, I'll put up a #187 tarball,
since the testing involved will address both of these.

> FWIW, since I only checked out the xc/programs/xterm directory, not the
> whole X tree, I was missing the config files (including X11.tmpl).  I
> assume that's why I was unable to reproduce Harold's problem, since he
> probably has the whole tree, and his build was actually picking up the
> (unquoted) values of the variables.  As a side question, what's the
> minimal set of files that needs to be checked out from CVS to build just
> xterm/resize?

for the minimal set, you don't need the utf8 stuff.  See in Makefile.in,

          SRCS1 = button.c charproc.c charsets.c cursor.c \
                  data.c doublechr.c fontutils.c input.c \
                  $(MAINSRC) menu.c misc.c print.c ptydata.c \
                  screen.c scrollbar.c tabs.c util.c xstrings.c \
                  VTPrsTbl.c $(EXTRASRC)
           HDRS = VTparse.h data.h error.h main.h menu.h proto.h \
                  ptyx.h version.h xstrings.h xterm.h $(EXTRAHDR)

The utf8 source would be in $(EXTRASRC).  configure.in updates the shell
variable $EXTRASRCS according to extra features that are added to the
base.  (resize only needs resize.c and xstrings.c).

Thomas E. Dickey

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