xterm-186 build bustage

Harold L Hunt II huntharo@msu.edu
Sat Apr 24 15:58:00 GMT 2004

If anyone wants to help me with something, grab the xterm-186 original 
source (google for 'xterm', you'll find it), grab the -src package for 
our xterm-185 package, copy and rename xterm-185-*.sh to xterm-186-1.sh 
and try 'xterm-186-1.sh mkdirs && xterm-186-1.sh conf && 
xterm-186-1.sh'.  You'll quickly note that 'X.Org Foundation' is somehow 
getting into CFLAGS as a raw string, causing gcc to bork.  It seems that 
this may be somehow caused by macros in xterm's configure scripts that 
copy the CFLAGS set by the imake configuration files.

I haven't got a heck of a lot of time to look into this, so I would 
appreciate it if anyone with a little understanding of auto* and shell 
scripts could take a peek at why xterm is failing to build under 
Cygwin/X at the moment.


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