Fri Apr 23 12:40:00 GMT 2004


This is simply a bug report. The FACT is that if you start XFree with the 
numlock key on, the keyboard doesn't work properly. There have been plenty 
of other posts about this in the past so I'm not the first to report this. 
Even if you don't care about it, and it doesn't affect you, I think you'll 
find a lot of users (who don't necessarily post here) have come across the 
numlock issue. I know my users have, and everyone agrees this is a BUG.

No one has asked you to do the work for this though - If I can, I'll provide 
the patch using Thomas' code, but as the one in charge of this project, 
you're the man who says whether such a patch goes into the build. I was just 
trying to get some involvement from you, maybe encouragement.

I personally liked the idea of adding a flag to the XWin command line e.g.

Xwin -numlockoff

but if you're saying this is a non-starter I won't bother.


>I don't have time for it, don't have a need for it, and don't think that 
>anyone has done a complete job of specifying exactly what it is that they 
>would want this to do.  As such, I'm not the right man for that job.
>J S wrote:
>>Harold/Alex? Can you comment on Thomas' email below? Would you be able to 
>>add the numlockoff code into the XFree build?
>>>>Could this code be added into the XFree build?
>>>Not sure.  That's a question for Harold, et. al. to answer.  The options 
>>>would be to (1) incorporate this code into the XWin codebase and 
>>>"activate" it via a command-line switch, or (2) include it as a separate 
>>>executable in the xorg-x11-bin package, and call it from the startxwin 
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