Fix - Occasional Paste Problem

Harold L Hunt II
Thu Apr 22 16:53:00 GMT 2004


This looks cool.

The diff looks fine for this time.  Might have some tips later, but 
don't worry about it for now.

I'll try to look at this in a couple of days.


Wilks, Dan wrote:
> I've just recently started using Cygwin/X but occasionally paste from Win32
> to X fails.  I'm using -multiwindow and -clipboard.  I tracked down one
> source of the failures: XP's remote desktop.  Remote desktop does not
> properly restore the clipboard chain when it shuts down.  Result is that
> XWin no longer sees clipboard messages when you copy in a Win32 app.
> The fix is rather simple although a bit forceful.  Just reinitialize the
> clipboard chain each time the app is activated or deactivated - on each
> Here's a proposed patch.  Sorry, not from CVS since I can't get external cvs
> access from work at the moment.  They are from the most recent install from
> though (
> If not obvious this is the first time I've sent in a patch so please let me
> know if there's anything you'd like done differently (other than using the
> CVS sources - sorry).

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