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A teacher said to her class:"Who was the first man?"George Washington," a
little boy shouted promptly."How do you make out that George Washington was
the first man?" asked the teacher, smiling indulgently."Because, " said the
little boy, "he was first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of
his countrymen."But at this point a larger boy held up his hand."Well," said
the teacher to him, "who do you think was the first man?""I don't know what
his name was," said the larger boy, "but I know it wasn't George Washington,
ma'am, because the history book says George Washington married a widow, so,
of course, there must have been a man ahead of him."
When my printer's type began to go faint, I called a repair shop where a
friendly man told me that the printer probably needed only to be cleaned.
Because the shop charged 50 pounds for such cleanings, he told me, it would
be better for me to read the printer's directions and try the job myself.
Pleasantly surprised by his words, I asked, "Does your boss know that you
discourage business?""Actually it's my boss's idea," the employee replied.
"We usually make more money on repairs if we let people try to repair things
themselves first." 
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