Window focus, raise, and stacking order, and xterm maximize problems
Wed Apr 21 15:33:00 GMT 2004

Just want to mention that the problem of window focus, raise, and stacking
order, described in the message 2004-03/msg00849.htm, followed up by Earle and
Takuma, is still present in the current xwin server ( in multiwindow
mode. Has Earle's proposed fix been incorporated in the latest xwin? If so, it
has not solved the problem. 

The second problem I believe also has been described before. When I use a
virtual desktop program such as virtuawin, if I maximize an xterm on one
desktop, switch to a second desktop, and then come back to the first, clicking
restore down does not reduce the maximized xterm. Again, I just want to mention
that the problem is still present.

Raymond Kwong 

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