how to keep XWin menu open when clicking on an item

Harold L Hunt II
Tue Apr 20 19:03:00 GMT 2004

Jack Tanner wrote:
> vdu wrote:
>> yes, I do ! try this : <shift>+click on an item in "all programs" 
>> menu. Do
>> you see ? the menu stays open.
> I've been using Windows since version 3.0 and had no idea that 
> existed... Actually, it doesn't work in NT 4, at least. Anyone care to 
> try in 2000?
> Do you propose that this work on all Windows versions, or only on the 
> ones that have this shift+click behavior in the Start menu?
> Anyhow, if this sounds like an even remotely plausible piece of 
> functionality for the tray menu, it makes an ever stronger case for 
> moving the program list from the tray menu to the Start menu.

Right now we have a menu in both places, if you install the 
X-start-menu-icons package.  Why would we want to remove the 
functionality that allows a program list in the tray icon menu when the 
default behavior for that list is to be empty and to not be shown?  Only 
people that want to use it are using it.


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