Forked call

Alexander Gottwald
Mon Apr 19 22:30:00 GMT 2004

On Mon, 19 Apr 2004, Darryl Scott wrote:

> Hi!
> I can find no input to this problem in the cygwin docs etc.
> This problem does not occur if the Cygwin X server is used by the 
> executables that are compiled in SFU. It only happens when the executables 
> are Cygwin derived.
>  From X app 1 I call a simple fork programme using a system call. This fork 
> programme calls another X app using execv, the details of which have been 
> passed to it as arguments.  The fork programme dies returning control to X 
> app1. The X app2 initiates and processes through all actions up to display. 
> It appears to pick up all  the relevant X environment enquiries correctly. 
> Under SFU it progresses to display and operates as required. Under Cygwin 
> it dies, I have tried trapping signals but have found none.

Sorry, we can't help you with these vague description. Build a testcase which
is very small and which triggers the problem. Then we might be able to track
this down. 

> This suggest that the X server is happy as it works with SFU and that the 
> problem is something I have to do with the cygwin generated X-app.

More likely it has something to do with the fork implementation on cygwin and
this is a question (aamong with all your other SFU to cygwin porting questions)
which belongs to

> Input greatly appreciated.

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