Initial Comments From a Noob

Wilks, Dan
Mon Apr 19 22:20:00 GMT 2004

<Noob alert>Hey all</Noob alert>

With that out of the way... Last Friday (4/15/04) I updated my Cygwin tools
(longtime user) and installed (for the first time) all the Cygwin/X servers
& apps (setup/x11-base, cygcheck XFree86-xserv 4.3.0-68).  I got
up and running over a PuTTY-supplied ssh tunnel without too much grief (I'll
deal with a Cygwin tunnel later).  I'm running XWin.exe with -multiwindow
-clipboard.  Here's a list, roughly in descending order of pain, of the
things I've run into in the past day or so.  Some are already on to do lists
but they're here again just for ranking's sake.

- The amount of effort y'all have put into this project is amazing.  Great

- Paste Win -> X: Today I copied a command-line from a Word doc, or perhaps
a web page and tried to paste it into my xterm.  The only thing pasting into
X was something I had copied from another xterm earlier.  Even now, even
though I can paste Win32 copied text into Notepad it won't paste into xterm
or emacs.  I know that copy/paste worked in both directions when I first
started up the X server.  I've had this same thing happen with Exceed and
XWin32.  Maybe with a bit more active and accessible development effort we
can make this more reliable.

- Ctrl-Shift-Tab: What can I say, I'm too used to Windows.  I use emacs w/
cua.el and added ctrl-tab/ctrl-shift-tab bindings to cycle through the
buffer list.  I can't say for sure if this was working on Friday or not, but
today it doesn't do anything.
   (global-set-key [(C-S-kp-tab)] (lambda ()
                           (crs-bury-buffer -1)))

- Desktop resize: When I remote desktop into my computer and the screen size
changes the background window isn't resizing yet.  I saw that the first bit
of code is in an #if 0 state.  I'm looking forward to the implementation.

- Windows Cursor: At the moment the Windows cursor isn't being hidden while
its over the x window client area.  This just started this morning when I
came back from the weekend.  Could be some sort of artifact from remote
desktop use?  Anyway there's quite an art to ignoring the Windows cursor
especially when it isn't a simple arrow (window resize arrow for instance). 

- Popup windows(?): Using the IntelliJ IDEA I can press Alt+F to bring up
the file menu.  Let go of the Alt key, then press Alt-Tab to switch to
another window.  If it's another X window, the file menu eventually goes
away.  If it's a Windows window (this message in Outlook for example) the
file menu never goes away.

- X Tooltips (not sure what they're called in x) can popup over non X
windows.  For example, open emacs and then switch to a non-x app like
Outlook.  From time to time it appears as if XWin hasn't released mouse
capture and the tooltips from emacs (icon bar, status bar, ...) will pop up
over the non-x application.

- Painting:  If you click in the title bar of an xterm buried behind another
one and drag the window, the contents of the top window are dragged around
until the window gets a chance to be repainted.  Also this morning when
bringing up hidden xterms the xterm window was painted with the contents of
the hidden root window before the underlying xwindow(?) had been brought to
the foreground.  Neither of these are problems just entertaining to watch.


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