Multiple monitors and repainting
Mon Apr 19 18:59:00 GMT 2004

That worked great, thanks!

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Add -multiplemonitors to your XWin command line.

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Subject: Multiple monitors and repainting
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I have an NVidia  DualView card (Quadro NVS) with two monitors attached
to it.

My monitors are laid out as "2"->"1" (#2 on the left).

I recently upgraded to the new xorg x11 via setup. The version is
xorg-x11 I start X with startxwin.bat. I'm using Windows

The problem is this: If you move an xterm from one screen to the next
(they appear on #2, and I move them to #1), the window stops repainting.
If I move half, the half that was on #2 still repaints, while the #1
half does not.

I'm wondering if you are aware of this issue, and if you have any
solutions or workarounds.

For now all my consoles live in monitor #2 :-)


-David Martinez

-Earle F. Philhower, III

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