Harold L Hunt II
Mon Apr 19 14:56:00 GMT 2004

Darryl Scott wrote:
> Hi!
> I cannot find any reference to a problem with this in the Cygwin docs, 
> redhat site etc.
> Libc has as a standard catgets. But catgets and catopen are absent from 
> the cygwin implementation and gencat and nl_types are not to be found.
> So where can I find either the source for these or a technical spec?
> I am reluctant to simply incorporate a libc containing these as this may 
> interfere with the workings of Cygwin. True or False?
> I have asked this before but received no reply as I guess the question 
> was considered either stupid or off topic. My my perspective the 
> question is neither.
> Can I have some input please?

Wrong mailing list.  This question has nothing to do with the X Window 


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