Unable to connect to remote server using DMCP

Hr. Daniel Mikkelsen daniel@copyleft.no
Thu Apr 15 14:27:00 GMT 2004

On Thu, 15 Apr 2004, Bailey Wier wrote:

> I have upgraded to the X/Cygwin but find that I am unable to view
> the login screen on a SuSE Linux box.   Basically, the XWin window appears
> but does not show any of the KDM GUI or login on the remote server.  The
> screen is simply a gray background with the 'X' cursor.

The grey background with the X is the X server in the "default" state. You can
end up with this for any number of reasons.

Since you're trying to get XDMCP to work here, run xdm/kdm on the SuSE box in
debug mode and check the logs. Are you getting any connections from your
Windows box at all?

Also try to tcpdump at the SuSE box, "tcpdump -i eth0 -l udp port xdmcp" or

Daniel Mikkelsen
Copyleft Software AS

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