Root window shimmers with new nVidia graphic card
Wed Apr 14 16:32:00 GMT 2004

I just got a replacement PC:
HP xw4100 with nVidia Quadro4 980XGL graphic card.
The previously PC was a Compaq DeskPro300 with an nVidia Quadro2 MXR.

I re-installed cygwin as usual, and it operates properly.
However, I've noticed something unusual in the display of the root
window and scroll bars.
They both "shimmer" as if the refresh rate was bad.
Changing the refresh rate had no affect.
All other windows (CygWin X or MS Windows) and their contents are fine.
If I use multi-window (integrated window manager - no root window) the
scroll bars still shimmer/vibrate.
If I use xdmcp, the problem is not present at all.

It's only a nuisance, but I would like to address it.
Maybe a driver setting?
I'm using 52.16.

CygWin version is
However, I did try the latest (
Problem is unchanged.

Any recommendations?

Gerry Champoux	Williams International
Lead Engineer	2280 E. West Maple Road
Information Technology	Walled Lake, MI 48390
(248) 624-5200, x1216	(248) 960-2607 (fax)

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