XWinrc Bugs

Earle F. Philhower III earle@ziplabel.com
Wed Apr 14 03:30:00 GMT 2004

Oh yeah, I am looking over winprefs.c to see if there is anything
untowards going on elsewhere in it.  Maybe a GDI call somewhere returns
a valid error under W98+ for invalid data or out-of-mem, but under W95
it kills the GDI.  I'll be sure to post any findings, but my time to
look at this is quite limited now...

At 07:59 PM 4/13/2004 -0700, I wrote:
>...Maybe you've hit GDI heap exhaustion?  IIRC the easiest way to
>see GDI and SYSTEM heap free is to (seriously!) run Solitaire, then
>do Help->About...  Running out of heap makes bad, bad things happen
>under W95/98/ME.
>At 08:19 PM 4/11/2004 -0400, Rodrigo Medina wrote (lots o' snips):
>>I have found a couple of bugs in the XWinrc feature.
>>1- The ICONS instruction does nothing, i.e. the applications
>>2- This one is really weird. The normal behavior of XWin -multiwindow is
>>to assing to a generic window a menu with 6 items: Restore, Move,
>>Size, Minimize, Maximize and Close (I am not sure of the actual
>>english names).  After I tried to include  some items in a particular
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