XWinrc Bugs

Earle F. Philhower III earle@ziplabel.com
Wed Apr 14 03:28:00 GMT 2004

Howdy Rodrigo,

First, thanks for writing the man page updates.  The version I saw was
missing some of the new items that were added, now I have no excuse
not to add them myself. ;)

It's hard to do any Windows 95 testing, actually it's hard to get any
Win95 API documentation anymore (MS seems to be updating their
Platform SDK and removing any reference to W95 if a function is updated).

For your problem with the system menus, I really believe this is
due to something else completely, especially when you ended up without
the 3 system menu items in all windows, after a reboot.  Here's why:
. There are no "DeleteMenu"or "RemoveMenu" calls anywhere in prefs.c
   All we ever do is a reset-to-default GetSystemMenu(hwnd,TRUE) call,
   everything else is just an InsertMenuItem() call.
. Even if somehow you ended up messing with the "golden" system menu
   that could only last until a reboot.  There's no "UpdateResource"
   call until you get to an NT based OS, a change to a GDI resource
   can't be written into a system .DLL file

The removal of the 3 menu items would also make the max/min/close
buttons disappear, since Windows reads each window's system menu to
determine whether or not to enable those buttons.

Maybe you've hit GDI heap exhaustion?  IIRC the easiest way to
see GDI and SYSTEM heap free is to (seriously!) run Solitaire, then
do Help->About...  Running out of heap makes bad, bad things happen
under W95/98/ME.

I think I *may* understand the ICONS stuff:  I think until W98 only
16-color or black-and-white icons were allowed for applications.
Can you please try pointing to a Black-and-White or 16-color .ICO
file?  You might be able to find some in your c:\Windows folder,
but I can't remember any specific names.

You could also try an app which has its own B-n-W icon like xcalc
and see if that always works, and compare that to an app with a
true-color icon like some KDE app...

At 08:19 PM 4/11/2004 -0400, Rodrigo Medina wrote (lots o' snips):
>I have found a couple of bugs in the XWinrc feature.
>1- The ICONS instruction does nothing, i.e. the applications
>2- This one is really weird. The normal behavior of XWin -multiwindow is
>to assing to a generic window a menu with 6 items: Restore, Move,
>Size, Minimize, Maximize and Close (I am not sure of the actual
>english names).  After I tried to include  some items in a particular
>program (xeyes) with XWinrc the following happened:
>b) From that point, ALL windows produced by XWin -multiwindows
>lack of items Restore, Minimize and Maximize in their menus and have the
>Minimize and Maximize buttons inactivated. This happens
>even to other applications, even if the XWin program is shutdown and
>started again WITHOUT a XWinrc file, even if the machine is rebooted
>and even if XWin is reinstalled.

-Earle F. Philhower, III
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