Problem with X forwarding by openssh-3.8p1

Harold L Hunt II
Wed Apr 14 00:24:00 GMT 2004

See A1: wrote:
> I have installed the lastest X11 binaries, including xorg-x11-xwin,
> together with openssh-3.8p1. The rest of my cygwin installation is also
> up-to-date, including cygwin1.dll version 1.5.9-1. I use startxwin.bat to start
> XWin using -multiwindow -clipboard. I login to a remote Linux server using ssh
> -X and start a Matlab session. The Matlab flash screen comes up, but when the
> flash screen disappears, there is only a menu bar located at the top left
> corner of the screen. If I choose maximize, the Matlab command window comes up
> but I am not able to type in any commands. If I downgrade to 
> openssh-3.7.1p2-2, the problem disappears. The sshd_config file is identical in
> both cases.
> There are other problems with X forwarding under openssh-3.8p1, but since I am
> now using openssh-3.7.1p2-2, I cannot reproduce the error messages. I don't
> know
> whether this is considered an openssh-3.8p1 problem or a X server problem, but
> there appears to be some incompatibility issue here.
> Raymond Kwong

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