cygwin Xterm and mysqlclient - stdout/stdin/stderr problem ?

Richard Piper
Tue Apr 13 16:13:00 GMT 2004

I am using mysqlclient on WinXP. This works well with in the standard 
cygwin bash shell. Using the xterm with the cygwin-xfree the client 
hangs after initiation at the command line. I have upgraded to the most 
recent version of cygwin. Prior to this the output would appear in the 
parent bash shell, rather than in the xterm.

I looks a little like a problem with redirection of stdout ...

Has anyone else experience this problem. There was some discussion 
regarding the way stdout is handled in xterms with Windows on the 
mailing list.

If I ssh from the xterm to a remote linux system the mysql client works 
as would be expected.



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