XWinrc Bugs

Rodrigo Medina rodmedina@cantv.net
Mon Apr 12 00:19:00 GMT 2004

Hi all,

I have found a couple of bugs in the XWinrc feature.

1- The ICONS instruction does nothing, i.e. the applications
that have a defined icon display that icon, those that don't have
one display the default icon.

2- This one is really weird. The normal behavior of XWin -multiwindow is
to assing to a generic window a menu with 6 items: Restore, Move, 
Size, Minimize, Maximize and Close (I am not sure of the actual
english names).  After I tried to include  some items in a particular
program (xeyes) with XWinrc the following happened:

a) The new items were indeed included in the xeyes menu, but the
original items Restore, Minimize and Maximize disappeared. The buttons
at the upper right corner were inactivated.

b) From that point, ALL windows produced by XWin -multiwindows 
lack of items Restore, Minimize and Maximize in their menus and have the
Minimize and Maximize buttons inactivated. This happens 
even to other applications, even if the XWin program is shutdown and
started again WITHOUT a XWinrc file, even if the machine is rebooted
and even if XWin is reinstalled.

c) This wrong behavior is recorded in some place.

3- After starting XWin -multiwindow with the XWinrc and opening the
xeyes and xterm with the behavior explained above, both applications
were closed, xeyes with the close button and xterm by typing exit. Then
the  XWin Exit menu item was clicked. The panel reports that there
is still one  client connected, but the ps shell command says:
   949197       1  949197 4294018099  con 56503 10:22:15 /usr/bin/RXVT
I  668173  949197  668173 4294318159    0 56503 10:22:19 /usr/bin/BASH
   620897       1  620897 4294346399  con 56503 10:28:05 /usr/bin/RXVT
   601221  620897  601221 4294362171    1 56503 10:28:06 /usr/bin/BASH
   642257  668173  642257 4294316947    0 56503 19:22:45 /USR/X11R6/BIN/XWIN
  3383769  601221 3383769 4291721375    1 56503 19:37:34 /usr/bin/PS

I closed XWin anyway.

The output of cygcheck -rs, the XWinrc and the XWin.log are attached

I would really apreciate a response to this message. I can live without
the XWinrc feature, but I want to cure my machine.

Rodrigo Medina
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