Hang related to clipboard processing

David Arnstein arnstein@pobox.com
Sun Apr 11 23:18:00 GMT 2004

I am having a problem with the latest Cygwin/X11 software suite.  I'm 
using it with Windows 2000.

I use the program "xfig" to exercise the bug.  This program can be 
installed from the cygwin setup.exe program.

First case:

I invoke X11 as "setsid XWin -multiwindow -clipboard &".  I launch an 
xterm, and from there, I launch xfig.  Within xfig, I select the tool 
for drawing rectangles.  I launch the dialog box to select line color 
and fill color.  While working in this dialog box, the X11 pointer 
will eventually disappear.  I cannot do anything more at this point. 
I cannot change to focus to another X11 application.  I cannot see the 
pointer in any X11 application.  I have to kill XWin.

Second case:

I invoke X11 as "setsid XWin -multiwindow &".  I sleep for three 
seconds (my little trick for increasing stability).  Then I do "setsid 
xwinclip &".

I launch an xterm and xfig as in the first case.  I cause the X11 
pointer to disappear as in the first case.  Once again, all X11 
applications are unusable.  From a bash command window, I do a "kill 
-hup" on the running xwinclip process.  This causes the X11 pointer to 
reappear.  My X11 applications are now usable again.

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