HELP!: XWinrc modified my Win95 box.

Rodrigo Medina
Sat Apr 10 16:09:00 GMT 2004

 Hi all,

I have found a very strange behavior of XWinrc:

Before I started trying the XWinrc feature (that I have never done before)
the XWin -multiwindow produced MsWindows with a menu containing the items
Restore, Size, Move, Minimize, Maximize and Close. When I tried to modify
the windows menus I obtained menus with the new items, but the original
items, Restore, Minimize and Maximize disappeared. The  corresponding
buttons at the  top right corner were still there but were no working.
That is maybe a bug. But what is really strange is that from that point
the XWin -multiwindow continued with the same behavior, even without
.XWinrc file, even after rebooting the machine, even after installing
again XWin!!.

It seems that the behavior is registered somewhere.
I have no idea of what to do.
I need help.


Rodrigo Medina

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