XWin glitch: alt-tab menu

Michael Naumann m.cyg@strux.net
Sat Apr 10 14:06:00 GMT 2004

On Saturday 10 April 2004 12:35, Keith Thompson wrote:
> I definitely don't want -multiwindow or -rootless (just a matter of
> personal taste), but "XWin -nodecoration" seems to work.  In fact,
> "-fullscreen" and "-nodecoration" seem to work nearly the same, except
> that "-nodecoration" doesn't have the alt-tab problem.  What's the
> difference between them?

Keith, Harold,

I'm also one of those who like the fullscreen modus, so I played with
the two options. It seems to me that the difference is :

With -nodecoration you get a (nearly) fullscreen X-window, but the
(Windows-)Taskbar is still visible. You will of course not notice this
difference if you have it hidden.

With -fullscreen the taskbar is invisible.

I still have to find out which of the two suits me better.

I also played with the -keyhook option.
Even though it is not mentioned in "X -help" it seems to work.
Alt-Tab finds its way to my windowmanager (fvwm).
Unfortunatly this seems to be the only key which is hooked in this

What I really would like, is that all keys (except one dedicated) are
processed by X. Eg. if I have made a (Windows-)keycut for ctr-alt-1
and I have the same keycut for fvwm I want fvwm to receive this keycut.
At present it finds it's way to windows.

I know this behaviour from e.g VMWare and remotePC.
VMWare uses the left-alt-key and remotePC uses cntrl-esc to switch back
to windows (or should I say to "unhook").

Nevertheless I want to express my appreciation for the great work done
by the cyg-group. I was impressed by the little pain it took me to get
my linux-evironment running smoothless under this environment.

Thanx a lot for your efforts.

Michael Naumann

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