XWin glitch: alt-tab menu

Keith Thompson kst@mib.org
Sat Apr 10 10:35:00 GMT 2004

> I've installed the latest updates for Cygwin, including xorg-x11-xwin
> version
> Hmm... this is suspicious, you claim but your log file
> states It could be my mistake, but you might also need to
> reboot to allow XWin.exe to be upgraded if it was being used when
> setup.exe was being run.

"cygcheck -f /usr/X11R6/bin/XWin.exe" reports "xorg-x11-xwin-",
but "XWin -version" says "Release:".

> The output on stderr is a feature not a bug. Just redirect the output
> to /dev/null if you don't need it (e.g. XWin > /dev/null 2>&1).


> Can I ask if you have a good reason for using fullscreen? I would
> think you might be more interested in -multiwindow (internal window
> manager), -rootless (needs an external window manager, but doesn't
> show root window), or -nodecoration (needs external window manager,
> does show root window but without window titlebar and border). I'm
> asking because almost no one uses -fullscreen anymore and I think that
> the problem you are reporting is peculiar to -fullscreen.

I definitely don't want -multiwindow or -rootless (just a matter of
personal taste), but "XWin -nodecoration" seems to work.  In fact,
"-fullscreen" and "-nodecoration" seem to work nearly the same, except
that "-nodecoration" doesn't have the alt-tab problem.  What's the
difference between them?
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