keymapping (was: Windows keys in the keymap?)

Rudolf Kollien
Fri Apr 9 17:28:00 GMT 2004

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As it seems you currently work on the keyboard modules: when using the key 
combination "(right)ctrl-cursor right" or "(right)ctrl-cursor left" there is 
an white space (blank?) inserted on the first press or the cursor key. This 
only happens when you use the right ctrl-key, not by using the left one. It 
looks like pressing the right ctrl-key give's an additional char when using 
the cursor keys (only by left and right, not on up and down).  

This is the typical key sequence when jumping word wise left or right in an 
line of text. Don't know if this is a KDE/Qt specific problem. This behavor 
was in the cygwin/XFree86 X-Server time ago. As i remember, in the beginning 
of the year this error disapeard (don't know the release number, sorry).

Am Freitag, 9. April 2004 19:10 schrieb Harold L Hunt II:
> Some of you may have noticed that Takuma and I added a "-keyhook" option
> to XWin.exe that allows Alt+Tab to be trapped on NT-based OSes and
> passed to X apps as a normal key event.
> We can also do the same for the Windows keys on the keyboard, but there
> are a few problems at this time:
> 1) Mod4Mask was used for XK_Super_L and XK_Super_R in the information I
> could find about the Windows key in X keymaps.  However, we currently
> use Mod4Mask for XK_Kana_Lock and XK_Kana_Shift.  My first question is
> does the XK_Kana_Lock and XK_Kana_Shift  thing even work right now?  If
> not, then we can just switch these.  If it does work, then we will have
> to change the modifier map if a Japanese keyboard layout is loaded...
> but I wonder if that is done already?
> 2) The Windows keys are typically mapped to XK_Super_L and XK_Super_R
> for VK_LWIN and VK_RWIN, repsectively.  I am seeing scan codes of 0x5B
> and 0x5C for the VK_LWIN and VK_RWIN keys, respectively again (note:
> yes, these are the same as the virtual key code for these keys for some
> reason).  If we want to map these keys to XK_Super_L and XK_Super_R we
> need some sort of entry in our default key map since it currently
> contains nothing about these keys.  I have tried adding an entry, but
> xev never seemed to pick up a valid key press from the Windows key when
> I was trapping and passing it through, though I do know that the
> trapping and passing was working correctly.
> So, who can help me figure out how to modify our default key map so that
> the Windows key will be useable under X?
> Harold

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