XWin options lack of documentation.

Alexander Gottwald Alexander.Gottwald@s1999.tu-chemnitz.de
Fri Apr 9 13:14:00 GMT 2004

Rodrigo Medina wrote:

>  Hi all,
> I am working to update XWin.man. I have found that:
> 1)The following options of XWin are active but ARE NOT documented either
> in the X-UG or in the -help option of XWin.
>    Option            X-UG     -help option
> -help                NO          Yes
> -logfile             NO          NO
> -logverbose          NO          NO
> -nounicodeclipboard  NO          Yes
> -xkblayout           NO          Yes
> -xkbrules            NO          Yes
> -xkbmodel            NO          Yes
> -xkbvariant          NO          Yes
> -xkboptions          NO          Yes
> -[no]keyhook         NO          NO
> 2)The following inactive options ARE documented in the UG:
> -xf86config
> -keyboard

Thanks for sorting them out. I'll start documenting them

> 3)There is a BUG with the -logverbose option. It requires an integer
> parameter. If such parameter isn't given the alert panel appears and
> the help text is written in XWin.log as expected, but then there is a
> Segmentation Fault crash. Perhaps, instead of finishing, the program
> tries to continue with a nonexistent parameter.

I will take a look.

> Questions:
> 1)I understand that the parameter of the -logverbose option controls
> the degree of "verbosity" of log messages. But I have found that there
> is no effect in the XWin.log file as the value of the parameter is changed.
>  The only effect I have found is a shorter output of the log messages
> that are directed to the console when the parameter is negative. It is
> really that the intended behavior? If such were the case, it is not
> simpler to have an option without parameter with a name like -noconsolelog?

Currently only few logmessages have a verbosity level set. The general idea

loglevel    output
0           only fatal errors, help message
1           simple information about configuration (will get default sometime)
2 (current  detailed loginfo (including trace and debug output)
3 +         maybe some very detailed debug output

> 2)Will be the -emulatepseudo option eventually  activated?.
>  If that were the case I can leave the description of the option in the
> man page with the indication that it is still not implemented.


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