Problem with truetype fonts caused by not building FreeType module?

Lev S Bishop
Thu Apr 8 20:42:00 GMT 2004

Harold wrote:
>  What more do you want? You must not have read the end of my last
> message very clearly.

I just didn't want you to do a complete rebuild with the wrong flags and
break something that worked before or waste your time any more than
needed. Just trying to spell everything out as precisely and clearly as I
can, because I find it very confusing and I have to be really careful what
I say or I end up tripping over myself with multiple meanings for 
"freetype". I find build systems confusing at the best of times, and 
whoever decided to change the name from xfsft to freetype has a twisted 
sense of humour :-) Sorry if it came accross as pedantic or patronizing. 

I can tell you if I tried to discuss this in real time on IRC I'd be 
utterly incomprehensible.


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