XWin w/out -nodecoration running in background doesn't display anything

Harold L Hunt II huntharo@msu.edu
Thu Apr 8 19:52:00 GMT 2004

Yeah, you can't use "run" in the batch file... you have to use "start" 
instead.  I noticed this right before the release, but I don't have a 
permanent solution yet.  We had to switch from "start" to "run" because 
"start" doesn't prevent a DOS box from being displayed and because we 
switched XWin.exe from not displaying a DOS box by default to displaying 
a DOS box by default.  The reason for this is that the new logging 
facility allows sending messages both to standard output and to a log 
file if one is opened sometime after the server starts (message have to 
be cached until that point since they would otherwise be lost since the 
log file isn't open yet).  The nicest thing about this is that people 
running "XWin -help" will now see the help output instead of having to 
open /tmp/XWin.log to see the output.

What is the permanent solution to the problem?  I don't know.  I think 
it may be time to finish writing the batch file that just launches a 
bash shell script, but I haven't got time to work on that today.


Rudolf Kollien wrote:

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> Hello,
> i just upgraded to the new X11 (X.org) version of cygwin/X (Release 
> I use XWin to connect via XDMCP to several linux server. My previous used 
> startup script is a MS-DOS batch file in which i fire-up XWin.exe with "start 
> XWin.exe -fp.... and so on". This is all ok. I get an connection and can 
> work. But.... with this new X11 release i get a additional window with all 
> the status and error messages from XWin. Until now XWin run in background 
> when startet by the DOS "start"-command. 
> When i try the new cygwin command "run", as used in the sample startxdmcp.bat, 
> i'm only can do this by supplying the "-nodecoration" parm. Without this 
> param, i do not see any X-client nor the login screen from kde (in my case). 
> Even XWin runs an has a connection to the server. I see the "X" in the 
> systray, right clicking an choosing "Exit" reminds me that three clients 
> connected.
> Shortly said: when you want to run X in a M$-Windows Window (let 
> - -nodecorations away) then you can't run XWin in background. 
> As i use up to 6 XDMCP connections to different linux servers with different 
> screen sizes and resolutions, i now have 12 Windows on the desk (or taskbar, 
> when minimized).
> Is there a way to get the old behavor back? 
> Testcase:
> - - "run XWin.exe -query HOST" = you see the "X" in the systray but nothing 
> else. 
> - - "run XWin.exe -query HOST -nodecorations" = you get a fullscreen login 
> screen to the server
> - - "start XWin.exe -query HOST" = you get the servers login screen in a 
> Windooze window and an _additional_ console window with the text messages 
> from XWin.exe
> - - "start /b XWin.exe -query HOST" = same as "run XWin...."
> Regards
> - -- 
> Rudolf Kollien
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