XWin w/out -nodecoration running in background doesn't display anything

Rudolf Kollien Rudolf.Kollien@medas.de
Thu Apr 8 19:08:00 GMT 2004

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i just upgraded to the new X11 (X.org) version of cygwin/X (Release 
I use XWin to connect via XDMCP to several linux server. My previous used 
startup script is a MS-DOS batch file in which i fire-up XWin.exe with "start 
XWin.exe -fp.... and so on". This is all ok. I get an connection and can 
work. But.... with this new X11 release i get a additional window with all 
the status and error messages from XWin. Until now XWin run in background 
when startet by the DOS "start"-command. 

When i try the new cygwin command "run", as used in the sample startxdmcp.bat, 
i'm only can do this by supplying the "-nodecoration" parm. Without this 
param, i do not see any X-client nor the login screen from kde (in my case). 
Even XWin runs an has a connection to the server. I see the "X" in the 
systray, right clicking an choosing "Exit" reminds me that three clients 

Shortly said: when you want to run X in a M$-Windows Window (let 
- -nodecorations away) then you can't run XWin in background. 

As i use up to 6 XDMCP connections to different linux servers with different 
screen sizes and resolutions, i now have 12 Windows on the desk (or taskbar, 
when minimized).

Is there a way to get the old behavor back? 


- - "run XWin.exe -query HOST" = you see the "X" in the systray but nothing 
- - "run XWin.exe -query HOST -nodecorations" = you get a fullscreen login 
screen to the server
- - "start XWin.exe -query HOST" = you get the servers login screen in a 
Windooze window and an _additional_ console window with the text messages 
from XWin.exe
- - "start /b XWin.exe -query HOST" = same as "run XWin...."


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Rudolf Kollien
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