SHM extension fails to start

Harold L Hunt II
Thu Apr 8 15:35:00 GMT 2004

Charles L. Werner wrote:
> I tried the suggested command from the Cygwin bash command line and the 
> SHM extension still fails:
> I tried to find documentation on cygserver, but all there is dead links 
> in the
> cygwin users guide. I assume the CYGWIN environment variable is being 
> set by
> suggested command. There is no info for this option in the users guide 
> for the CYGWIN
> environment variable... Since it had no effect is the environment 
> variable setting incorrect?

You have to launch cygserver just like you launch ipc-daemon2, except 
cygserver is in /usr/sbin instead of /usr/bin so you have to explicitly 
reference it unless /usr/sbin has been manually added to your path:


Then launch "CYGWIN=server XWin".


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