multiwindow geometry

Lev S Bishop
Thu Apr 8 12:14:00 GMT 2004

The geometry is a little off in multiwindow mode. To see this run in 
multiwindow and then do:
$ xterm -geometry 80x30+0-0

This should bring up an xterm with its bottom edge aligned to the bottom 
of the screen, but instead it is a little off the bottom of the screen. I 
don't think this is anything to do with the windows taskbar: the log file 
show that it correctly compensated for the toolbar width. I think its more 
likely due to the window decoration (windows titlebar, minimize button, 
etc) not being included in the geometry calculations. Normal window 
managers (twm, etc) manage to account for this, presumably the multiwindow 
"window manager" could be made to do so too?

It's a small point, but its annoying when a programe brings up a large 
dialog, sized to fill the screen, and you can't quite reach the OK button 
because its just out of reach off the bottom, so you have to slide the 
window up 20 pixels to get at it.


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