Unable to hide window manager decorations.

Dave Howes mish@veil.co.nz
Thu Apr 8 03:08:00 GMT 2004

Under an XOrg installation on any of the various unicies XMMS (by default)
hides its window manager decorations, this can be turned off by ticking
"Show window manager decorations" in the options of XMMS.

Unfortunately  when running XMMS on a remote system which exports its
display to Cygwin/X, the window manager decorations are not hidden and you
get the 'ugly' default MS Windows taskbar sitting on top of the XMMS window.

While this isn't urgent, it does break the aesthetic flow of things.

Is the ability to "hide window manager decorations" (including the taskbar)
at the applications request something that can be implemented in Cygwin/X?

Thanks in advance for any response and my apologies if this has been covered
in the past, a search didn't reveal anything relevant.

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