Emacs on Linux crashes in XQueryPointer

Alan Shutko ats@acm.org
Wed Apr 7 19:54:00 GMT 2004

I've got a Debian Sid box running XFree86 (debian package 4.3.0-7).
If I pipe emacs -q from it (emacs 21.3 or CVS, doesn't matter) to my
WinXP box running XWin, click the window to get rid of the
Emacs intro screen, and select text right to left, Emacs crashes with 

X protocol error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) on protocol request 38

Backtrace shows that this is occuring in XQueryPointer, called from
various points in Emacs.  I can reproduce this every time.  Running
Emacs in synchronous mode shows the same results.  This does not
happen running Emacs to the local Linux X server.  This also does not
show up with the Cygwin packaged Emacs 21.2.

Any ideas on what's causing this, or how I could help narrow it down
some more?  This makes Emacs extremely unstable displaying on
Cygwin/X for me, since I have to try to avoid using the mouse at all,
or else I might crash Emacs.

Alan Shutko <ats@acm.org> - I am the rocks.
My computer's getting jealous.... of the time I spend with my wife.

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