ICONS again

Darryl Scott darryls@productcosting.com
Tue Apr 6 19:01:00 GMT 2004


I trust that this is not off topic.

I asked for some help on this some time ago and Harold kindly pointed me 
towards a sample XWinrc script.

I cannot achieve what I want, 100% me problem I guess, just another pointer 
would assist greatly.

I am working on a W2003 machine.

Step one :

I have an X app that runs from an Xterm bulletin A-OK. I want to run the 
app from an icon, in tool bar, on desktop, wherever, without a visible xterm.

I can achieve this partially in startxwin.bat by envoking the xterm with 
csh and putting my app call in the ~/.cshrc file. This leaves the xterm 
visible and on termination of the app leaves the X server running and in 
need of an exit.

Step two :

I cannot make scripts run from menu options set up via .XWinrc. So I cannot 
right hand click on the X icon  and select from the XWinrc menu list.

There are environment variables that require setting so I have a c-shell 
script. This is not liked either. This appears to have the same problem as 
a k-shell script the first line "  #! /bin/csh or ksh" is objected to. Even 
without this shell statement I cannot make simple scripts execute.

Clearly I am missing something so obvious no one has even considered it 
worth documenting.

A pointer to documentation would be most welcome.

Kind regards,

Darryl Scott

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