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Darryl Scott darryls@productcosting.com
Mon Apr 5 14:55:00 GMT 2004


I am porting an application into cygwin having previously ported to a beta 
Interix without any problems other than I can not iconify it (yet).. I used 
the the cygwin X server.

Below I have listed comments and where I have difficulties. Any input will 
be gratefully received and will be instantly applied.

None of this is at the level I am used to reading in the mail. Quite simple 
stuff really.

I am using a csh environment, sorry old habits die hard. The machine has 
1Gb memory and an AMD Athlon 2800+, 2.08 GHz processor and the Windows 2003 
Op sys.

The application is quite complex, uses X plus Motrif widgets. There are no 
known bugs in this app.

Firstly it is very slow to changed directory using an access alias, I have 
changed the PATH to that recommended in the FAQ to no effect..

I have refreshed my installation with a cygwin download from yesterday, 
4/4/04, and recompiled all the application and its libraries including motif..

I cannot find any catalog functions, e.g. gencat, catopen and catgets. Do 
they exist or should I write them?

Lseek(descriptor, 0L, 2) returns 0 on all files. Something I am missing, 
other than hair and brain cells? lseek(fd, disp,0) does not seem to work 
either. Is there something different that I should be doing to keep cygwin 
happy? If so  what other low level file handling should I be aware of?

A script with a first line of "#!/bin/ksh" does not work and the simple ksh 
scripting is not recognised. It complained about the "#!" and I guess that 
ksh is not implemented in cygwin? I need to check the setup.exe table for 
the latter.

cuserid only returns the first 9 characters of the user name. ( Not yet 
checked setting of L_cuserid)

There are include file conflicts Xlib.h & stddef.h (wchar_t), Xos.h & 
errno.h (sys_errlist).

nl_types.h seems partially replaced by langinfo.h

lockf does not exist, does cygwin use fnctl?

Nice to see IPC in the dll now. Have not tried it yet because of above 
script issue.


Nice to put a face to a name, thanks Harold.

Kind regards,

Darryl Scott

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