Cygwin/X11 forwarding ques.

Alexander Gottwald
Sat Apr 3 15:52:00 GMT 2004

Alexander Gottwald wrote:

> There have been ideas to implement this with mirror video adapter drivers
> like utravnc uses them or with the x11drv from wine. But the last time i
> looked into it (esp. the wine x11drv driver) i found it nearly impossible
> to build it without spending a half live on it.

Yet another status update:

- UltraVNC Hook DLL is closed source and even the binary must be used with
  UltraVNC only.

- The SetDDIHook function which was mentioned several times on the WinVNC
  mailinglist is vanisched from MSDN.

- The Screen Drawing Data Pump (SDDP) which was mentioned as a successor to
  SetDDIHook is not documented by Microsoft either. It was part of the MSAM
  (Microsoft Accessibility Methods) and i could not find any references and
  working links to documentation.

- UltraVNC has mentioned some other VNC products which use a less advanced
  hooking mechanism then UltraVNC but this is still worth a try (if it is
  open source).

- Windows Longhorn will drop the old device drivers and use only DirectDraw.
  I guess with this change a new framework for hooking screen drawing is also

- Building a new device driver which uses a lot of functions from x11drv
  from wine will most likely be the best aproach.

If anybody has more information about these topics I'd be glad to receive


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