Volker Quetschke
Fri Apr 2 19:25:00 GMT 2004

Hi Jack,

> Dear Volker Q, Volker Z, and anyone else involved:
>> I just build grace 5.1.14 with lesstif 0.93.94 and your XmHTML package.
>> Works and looks beautiful. 
> Would it be possible to release an updated Grace (and lesstif, if 
> necessary)?
lesstif is already released (as a test version, use setup to install
it.) I could also provide a grace test version, but I thought it would
be nice to use XmHTML for the new version. I cannot do that until
XmHTML is accepted as official cygwin package, test version or not.

*Hint to all package maintainers*: XmHTML is reviewed and good-to-go,
but one more vote is needed!

If XmHTML doesn't get that vote soon I'll produce a grace test version,
again with lynx as help viewer.


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