Problem report: Netscape program launched from a client server

Alexander Gottwald
Fri Apr 2 10:02:00 GMT 2004

Tam T Nguyen wrote:

> Hi,
> I launched the Netscape program from a remote Sun Solaris machine to be
> displayed on a Xterm window of laptop PC using X-Cygwin. The Netscape
> could not start and came back with an error message as the followings:
>     Error of failed request: Badrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window Parameter)
>     Major opcode o failed request: 73 (X_GetImage)
>     Resource ID in failed request: 0x3a
>     Serial number of failed request: 78
>     Current serial number in output stream: 78
> Exit 1    netscape

Your using OpenSSHs X11 Forwarding? Try using ssh -Y instead of ssh -X.


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