/usr/bin/xterm (was: Re: Various starting X problems)

luke.kendall@cisra.canon.com.au luke.kendall@cisra.canon.com.au
Fri Apr 2 08:07:00 GMT 2004

On  1 Apr, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
>  > I don't have time to fix this.  I would appreciate it if someone else 
>  > would grab the -src package for X-start-menu-icons via setup.exe and 
>  > work on fixing it; I don't want a half-assed untested patch either, I 
>  > want one that has been thoroughly tested (you know, tough stuff like 
>  > clicking at least one of the tree classes of shortcuts: /usr/bin X 
>  > programs, /usr/X11R6/bin X programs, and /usr/X11R6/bin terminal 
>  > programs) since the sort of changes required may break the other links 
>  > that the scripts create (this is part of the Catch-22 I was talking about). 
>  I don't recall any discussion or a heads-up that xterm now resides in 
>  /usr/bin...  Any particular reason for this decision? 

I'm certainly interested to hear more.  I got some ridicule dumped on me
(in my role of Cygwin evangelist) when I mentioned this to an old-time
Unix guy here.


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